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Robert Lebeck (1929-2014) 

The legendary photojournalist for the German magazine Stern passed away June 14th. 


On Your Marks, Get Set, Go Frauke Thielking

"On your marks, get set, go. We humans must act and decide how we want to shape our lives. Life Orientation is a process, which we are constantly subjected. Life is steady development, change and adaptation. Each of us is looking, needs orientation, reorganization and adaptation to cope with and the constant changes of life. Our habitat consists of more than one room. We live in a variety of differently constructed spaces that are layered and complex and constantly reshape. We need to build new facilities. Interfaces, contacts,exchange. New ideas and perspectives are opened up, the energy released for the opening up of additional rooms. On your marks, get set, go."

(Source: archatlas, via 3nding)

20th day of June 2014

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